Bloomsburg Maintenance Workers Win Campaign

The RWDSU membership at Bloomsburg Care & Rehabilitation Center in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania keeps growing, thanks to word of mouth and the hard work of RWDSU organizers. The maintenance unit at the facility joined RWDSU Local 262 in January, after seeing the difference union membership has made in the lives of the Certified Nursing Assistants there after they joined in 2019. Workers saw the difference the union made during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the RWDSU ensuring workers received hazard pay and proper PPE and bringing them a voice on the job. The maintenance workers saw the difference and wanted to become a part of the union.

The new members are already seeing the benefits of RWDSU membership, as they are now working under their first union contract. Maintenance workers will see raises of 4.5 percent, and are covered under the Local 262 medical plan.