Coca-Contract Brings Gains for Indiana Workers

A new five-year agreement between Local 1096 members and Coca-Cola in Indianapolis, Indiana, was overwhelmingly ratified, bringing workers numerous improvements, including annual raises of 50 cents an hour, and a $1,000 ratification bonus. The new contract also brings the union into new employee orientation meetings so that new employees will better understand union benefits and how to get involved in the union. The contract also brings workers double pay when their shift extends over the course of two days and expands discrimination protection to cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Uniform and footwear will be provided annually, and vacation and work-related injury policies were improved.

The new agreement will continue to provide employees health insurance coverage for the next five years, locking in the percentage of the premium the employees currently pay, for the life of the Agreement. In addition, the pension multiplier was increased.

Serving on the Negotiating Committee were Kenny Bellamy, Karen Burnside, Lewis Allen, Paul Pearson, and Steve Foster. They were assisted by Indiana Joint Board President Dave Altman.