Emotional Reunions at RWDSU


RWDSU offices in New York City hosted an emotional reunion of Mexican immigrants with their parents and grandparents. Many of them had not seen each other in ten, twenty or even thirty years.


The RWDSU hosted Chinelos de Morelos USA Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides travel for parents and grandparents in the Mexican state of Morelos so that they can see their grown children and grandchildren. The organization works with Morelos to make the reunions happen. The partnership between Chinelos de Morelos and the RWDSU sprung forth from the RWDSU’s relationship with the Mexican Consulate. The RWDU has worked with the Consulate on immigrants’ rights workshops, offering help to hundreds of RWDSU members from Mexico.

For this program, transportation expenses are covered by the municipal and state government of Morelos and by Chinelos de Morelos USA Inc. In addition, assistance was provided to travelers through their visa application processing at the US embassy in Mexico.

The RWDSU hopes to expand the partnership to help reunite even more families of immigrant of workers.