First Ever Contract for Pleasure Chest Workers

Employees at both New York City Pleasure Chest retail location have ratified their first ever union contract. The RWDSU members become only the second group of adult toy workers in the nation to win the protections and benefits of a union contract, along with their fellow RWDSU members at Babeland stores, also in New York.

Highlights include guaranteed raises in every year of the contract, accrued vacation time for part-time workers (previously only full-timers accrued vacation time), significant improvements in safety protocols and procedures for workers who are threatened or harassed by members of the public, including the right to close the store and remain on paid-time until the threatening individual(s) have left the premises. This part of the contract addresses one of the main issues brought up by Pleasure Chest workers during their organizing campaign; it’s a unique line of work, and comes with unique challenges.

The agreement also creates minimum staffing requirements for busier times, and new trainings for management and staff, including a boundary/ safety/ security training for conflict de-escalation and reimbursement for self-defense classes. The contract also contains strong language around non-discrimination and respect for workers’ gender identity/expression and pronouns.