H&M Workers Push for New Contract

H&M employees want a new contract and they want it now.

Two weeks ago, 1,500 H&M workers across multiple Manhattan locations rallied for a new deal after they felt management had no plan to bargain with them for a new deal. They recent contract’s already expired.

At the Herald Square flagship location, workers (who are members of Local 1102 of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union) rallied in favor of multiple demands including giving part-time employees a minimum of 14-18 hours a week and the right to time off after five consecutive days worked and scheduling provisions that would eliminate “clopenings” (where an employee works the late shift until closing and then come back the next day to open the store for an early shift).

H&M employees also want a dental a vision plan. They have proposed no-cost dental and vision insurance for all workers through a plan sponsored by Local 1102 RWDSU. According to the union, it would cost H&M $5 per person per month. The union said H&M refused to agree to this provision.

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