The United States has a broken immigration system. People who have come here seeking a better life than they had and a better life for their children are paying a heavy price for it. Employers frequently exploit immigrant workers.

The number one priority in any immigration reform should be the people involved in the process. The people working and doing the jobs striving for a better life and the American Dream need to the priority of any legislation that gets passed, not corporations and employers who seek to profit off of te backs of these workers.

That’s why the RWDSU supports a comprehensive, worker-centered approach as part of a common-sense immigration process.


May 29, 2018: Court Orders Require Government To Accept Renewal Applications From Individuals Previously Granted DACA.

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September 7, 2017: The End of DACA, What You Need to Know (Click here for info from the RWDSU)




Know Your Rights: Important Information for Immigrants and Their Families (Click to Download in English and Spanish)




RWDSU Citizenship Clinics Aid Immigrant Workers



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RWDSU members who are also immigrants continue to participate in citizenship clinics throughout the country, and it’s making a difference in their lives and helping them become United States Citizens. The clinics are free to members and their families and provide information and financial resources to immigrants and legal permanent residents wishing to become United States Citizens.

“Immigrants want to be a part of our great society, to be able to vote and have a role in the decisions that affect their lives,” said RWDSU Recorder Joseph Dorismond. “Now they can say that their union understands their situation and is not just fighting for fair wages and benefits, but also helping to make their dreams come true.”

For information on upcoming clinics, or for help in conducting one in your region, send us an email