International Union Organization

Today's economy is quickly becoming a truly global economy, and it is more important than ever that union solidarity crosses international borders. Many employers of RWDSU members conduct business in different countries, and what happens internationally can greatly affect what happens here. We need to know and support our union brothers and sisters internationally, and we need their support.

Our work with international trade union organizations has helped us negotiate strong contracts with global employers including Coca-Cola, Nestle, Fresenius, Zara, and H&M, to name a few, and helped bring new members from global corporations into the RWDSU.

The RWDSU is a member of two international trade union organizations, the IUF and UNI. Find out more about them and visit their sites below:



IUF — International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Association

The IUF represents 336 organizations in 119 countries. These organizations represent approximately 10 million workers. IUF workers are employed in agriculture, food preparation, tobacco, hotels, restaurants and catering services. The IUF fights back against exploitation and oppression of workers, and is committed to promoting and defending trade union rights and human rights in general.




UNI - Union Network International

UNI represents over 15.5 million workers in the private service sector in more than 900 trade unions in 140 countries worldwide. The aim of UNI and its affiliates is to organize employees in the service sector. UNI believes strongly in the importance of international unionization to match the growing global economy, and is dedicated to using new technologies like the Internet to help unions communicate and gather information.