RWDSU Pickets for Fair Contract at New Jersey Nursing Home

RWDSU Local 108 members, joined by officers of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and officers and members of allied unions, held an informational picket on Saturday, July 24, to bring attention to stalled contract talks with Complete Care Management LLC. Complete Care is the new owner of Burlington Woods and Woodlands nursing home facilities where Local 108 members provide attentive and compassionate care for ill and aged residents.

Members spoke of how new management aims to drastically reduce their future paid time off, wipe out the time off they accumulated during 16 months of tireless work during the pandemic, and slash the effectiveness of their health care plans. Local 108 also stated that management is seeking to lock in pay rates for as long as four years, and that management has not made clear if additional New Jersey funding for nursing homes paid for recent wage increases or if the increases reflect Complete Care pay policies.

“Contract talks need to resume promptly, and Complete Care needs to negotiate in good faith with their courageous workers who continue to provide invaluable care during the COVID pandemic,” said Local 108 President Charles N. Hall, Jr.