SLS Car Wash Workers Win Big Gains

Big wage increases, benefits, and working condition improvements highlight the new contract for RWDSU members at SLS Car Wash in Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York. The new contract raises wages for car wash workers over $1.75 per hour, and brings important safety equipment such as an eye wash station and rubber boots and gloves.

And, in a huge win, whenever the day shift washes 600 cars or more during their shift, management will add $400 cash to the tip box. The night shift will see an extra $200 in the tip box for washing over 300 cars. This is the only car wash in New York City with this benefit.

Workers in other departments got additional gains; drivers will receive an extra $1.50 per hour, and mechanics will earn an extra $2.50 per hour.

“With other car wash contracts coming up, the workers at SLS set a great example with their solidarity and determination. They won a great contract,” said RWDSU Representative and Negotiator Danie Tarrow.