Spread of coronavirus has Georgia’s booming poultry industry on edge

Tara Williams is anxious and, she says, so are her 2,100 co-workers at the Tyson Foods plant in Camilla.

In the weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, killing more than 30,000 Americans, three of her co-workers at the poultry plant have died from the virus.

Tyson, like dozens of other meat processing plants in Georgia, has taken steps to improve safety, but workers are still concerned and the industry is nervous.

“I don’t think Tyson is doing what they can or should do. It is kind of like a little too late,” said Williams, who works the overnight shift at Tyson. “And the anxiety is high among employees. We are still scared, we are still having people calling out sick, and those of us who come to work, still have to mingle.”

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