U.S. Labor Board prosecutor hopes to bulk up staffing, budget as gig worker scrutiny grows


The Biden administration also recently pushed to boost the budget of a Labor Department unit that investigates whether gig workers are misclassified. Biden’s nominee to run that division has supported government crackdowns on the workforce models of gig-economy companies like Uber. Biden’s American Jobs Plan legislation also helps to “fund the NLRB’s participation in a multi-year, multi-agency effort to combat misclassification of employees as independent contractors,” according to a budget document filed by the NLRB to Congress. Ohr did not offer more details on what that effort would entail. Ohr did not comment on a high-profile case involving Amazon.com Inc, which is before the NLRB. The Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union is trying to persuade the labor board to throw out the results of a union election it lost in Alabama in early April by proving Amazon violated U.S. labor law. There are ongoing legal challenges to Biden firing Robb and picking Ohr to lead the agency. The Department of Justice has recently filed a motion to intervene and argue on the legitimacy of Ohr’s appointment.