Today, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) announced that the workers at McNally Jackson Bookstores have voted to join the union. Now workers will head to the bargaining table to secure fair treatment in the workplace, and fair compensation first union contract.

“We’re proud to welcome the workers of McNally Jackson into our union. Tonight, they showed that the best way for working people to protect themselves and their families is to join together in a union,” said Stuart Appelbaum, President, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

“I’m proud to say I’m now part of the RWDSU. Workers across all five stores face issues of harassment at work, favoritism, and lack of dignity and respect. By coming together, we are stronger, and I am confident we can shape our workplace into a place we all want to come to work each day. It’s about time McNally Jackson workers had a real seat at the table with the company and we’re ready to get to work on our first contract,” said Kathryn Harper, McNally Jackson Williamsburg Bookstore worker.

The vote to unionize by workers at McNally Jackson was conducted on December 12, 2019. RWDSU will represent approximately 90 workers at McNally Jackson’s five New York City locations including three bookstores and two Goods For The Study stationery stores in contract negotiations. The workers in the bargaining unit handle sales, events, stocking and information services in the stores. More news about contract negotiations will be shared when available.

Worker’s Workplace Issues Include:

  • We need to be properly compensated for our input and dedication to McNally Jackson: We need better wages. The Tipped Minimum Wage is not enough for barista workers and fluctuating take-home pay leads to financial stress. Workers sometimes have their pay cut if moved into a different position with no notice. We should be paid in a timely manner. We should be paid overtime pay for overtime work as per New York State Law.
  • We need better structures in our workplace: Too often things are done informally, and roles are not always clearly defined. Clearer guidelines about things like how we access our benefits, transfer between stores, etc. are needed.
  • Favoritism is a problem at our workplace: We need more defined positions at work. There should be standard pay scales for certain positions at our store.