• RWDSU Members Pitch In for Jones' Big Win

  • Tell the USDA to Protect Poultry Workers

  • Six-State Conference Brings Members Together

  • RWDSU Becomes First Union to Join #closerikers Campaign

  • RWDSU Calls Out False Attacks on NJ Gov. Candidate Murphy

  • RWDSU Marches With Spectrum Workers

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    Dec 13, 2017

    RWDSU Members Pitch in for Jones' Big Win

    In a huge upset win, Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore for the open Alabama Senate seat last night. RWDSU members in the South were there every step of the way, fighting for a candidate who will bring the concerns of Alabama’s workers to Washington by assisting the campaign and getting out the vote.  RWDSU Mid-South Council members work the phone banks to drive up voter attendance.     RWDSU members distributed campaign literature at many worksites, including this poultry plant in Decatur, Alabama.   RWDSU members were on hand last night to take in the jubilant scene at the Doug Jones victory party.
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    Dec 07, 2017

    Tell the USDA to Protect Poultry Workers

    As line speeds increase, so do injuries — including serious and bloody cuts. Unbelievably, major poultry industry groups are ignoring these risks and lobbying the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Congress to eliminate line speed limits entirely.Forcing poultry workers and federal meat inspectors to work significantly faster will increase the odds they’re injured and make chicken less safe for every consumer to eat. For the sake of keeping hard-working families and the chicken we eat safe — tell the USDA to reject the petition to eliminate line speeds at poultry plants by leaving a comment. Go here to sign the petition  
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