• Alabama Dialysis Workers Win RWDSU Voice

  • RWDSU Conducts OSHA Training for Retail Workers

  • RWDSU Endorses Stacey Abrams for Georgia Governor

  • Emotional Reunions at RWDSU

  • Pleasure Chest Workers Fight Back and Win

  • Guitar Center Workers Win First Ever Contract

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We are currently under construction - here's why:

On August 1, 2017, our union was attacked by a hateful anti-semitic computer hacker. We are working swiftly to ensure his message of hate spreads no further and that our website is restored and our firewalls strengthened. When weapons of hate be they words, images, or physical harm are used to hurt us our union must show the true strength of our values and come together in the face of hate.

I want to thank our brothers and sisters for their support as we resolve this issue. Tonight's cyber attack is a solemn reminder that while hate can hurt us it cannot break our union. We will be creating a new secure website here, check in for updates. 

Stuart Appelbaum, President
Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union 


  • Latest from the blog

    Aug 02, 2017

    Alabama Dialysis Workers Win RWDSU Voice

    Over 40 workers at two separate dialysis centers voted overwhelmingly to join the RWDSU Mid-South Council, sticking together through six weeks of anti-union rhetoric. The anti-union campaign included management bringing in union-busting “consultants” to shut down the organizing drive, but workers Fresenius Kidney Care in Mobile, Alabama, were undaunted in their desire to win a union voice and make their jobs better.
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    Aug 02, 2017

    Statement From RWDSU Pres. Appelbaum on Charlottesville

    "The white nationalism on display this weekend has no place in our communities, our politics or our workplaces. It is our responsibility to stand up against the hateful ideologies that have become alarmingly mainstream over the past year.   My thoughts and prayers are with victims of these acts of terrorist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia."
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